Moving beyond Intelligent Chatbots

 The promise of AI is huge but we are really in the early stages where there is so much hype and organizations are not clear how to use it.

This has led to the most ubiquitous of AI in many enterprises, a sort of intelligent chatbots for customer or call center assistance. Personally I do not like them and find them a bit annoying. The reason for their existence is simple, enterprises trying hard to find some place to use AI and this seems to be the best case they come up with.

It should all really be flipped. Instead of getting a tool and going around and inventing use cases for it, we should really ask ourselves what the big problems or most beneficial areas are and then see if and how AI can help there.

This brings us to the other big issue now. The technology and it's power is not yet clear to the business folks, the people with the deep domain knowledge. But this is slowly changing as they are getting trained. This should be a big area where enterprises can and should invest. Training of non-technical business folks about the capabilities of AI.

Going into 2021 and going beyond the rapid digital transformation that was forced due to COVID-19, I am seeing hopeful signs of this happening. We are going to see better and genuine uses of this technology. Truly looking forward to it.